Women's Self Defense 

Learn Effective Self Defense That Could Some Day Save Your Life!



In the videos below are a sample of our August Women's Self Defense Class. This was toward the end of the class when our students learned how to use Kubatons and flashlights for self defense. We also taught how to use ordinary household items as weapons for self defense. During the first part of class we taught how to strike vulnerable areas of the body and how to apply basic joint locks to the arms, wrists and fingers.

Ladies, supplement your concealed carry. Learn effective hand to hand Self Defense that takes very little effort to perform.


Womens Self Defense Class

December 1, 2017 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Cancelled due to no participants signing up.  


This class will teach women how to effectively defend themselves in the real world with practical and easy to use techniques that require very little strength to perform. These techniques come from the martial art styles of Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Judo, Kra Manga, Karate, Aikido, Eskrima and Kali. I also include several techniques based on other martial art styles in addition to the above mentioned arts.


This is a very effective and dynamic Women's Self Defense class. The cost of the class is generally only $45.00 per person for a two hour class and $65.00 per person for a four hour workshop. I teach the classes at the dojo or the location of your choosing. To schedule a class for a group please call 919-753-7964



We also have Martial Arts classes for women. If you enjoyed the self defense training, why not take it to a next level!

How would you like to have these skills under your belt. You would never ever have to worry about defending yourself.

We teach both Ninjutsu and Ju-Jitsu in our regular ongoing Martial Arts classes. I give a free trial class in both arts. For more information please call 919-753-7964

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