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At Southern School of Martial Arts We Teach Practical and Real World Martial Arts and Self Defense. We also teach students how to be their be their best and how to set and acheive their goals

We also offer Self Defense and Tactical Training for Police officers and Military personnel. We have special Self Defense classes for EMS and Fire. We also welcome students from BJJ, MMA and other martial art styles. Why not add some additional skills to your arsenal! Please call for more information.
A description of our Martial Art below.
Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, Is the original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu founded by Grandmaster John H. Casarez. Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu is a "Non-Sport" Specialized Self Defense Martial Art
What is Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu?
Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, is the new name of the Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu system. Founder John H. Casarez
As the new Soke (Head of System) we decided to rename the system to Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, The Working Way per GM Casarez's request. GM casarez retired after a long 69 year career in the martial arts and for his system to be passed down in his name from generation to generation.
Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu is a Martial Art that is reality based, It's heavily blended with Ninjutsu, Aikido and Judo. It also has select techniques from Aiki-Jujutsu, JKD, Krav Maga, Eskrima and Kali. Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu can be modified and used in competition if desired.
There's no hard to learn forms or prearranged katas in Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, it's free flowing without the complicated katas or forms common in Karate, Tae Kwon Do and other hard style arts. In real life self defense situations katas may not be effective in a real and random attack. We train in a very realistic and natural way. We focus on partnering students with one another so they can train by using a real "controlled at first" punch or other "controlled at first" attack on their partner so they can learn what a real attack would be like.

More on the history and lineage of our Martial Art style below 


Casarez Manabi Masho Ju-Jitsu means, "Casarez's Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, The Working Way.

The original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu was initialy concepted in 1968 and started in 1978 by Founder, John H. Casarez from traditional Japanese Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jitsu taught to him by his Sensei Tracy Cook, 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu.  He also blended Judo, Aikido and Karate and a few Ninjutsu techniques into the art after training with Stephen K. Hayes back in the early 80's. Founder Casarez also had black belts in Judo, Aikido and Karate. 

His thoughts were a blended martial art is more effective than one single martial art. The original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu was internationally recognized in March, 1993.

On December 31, 2017 Grandmaster Casarez after a long 69 year career in the martial arts, retired and passed the original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu system to his Soke-Dai's Grandmaster Mark Murdock and Master Allen Wilson. On January 1, 2018 Grandmaster Mark Murdock and Master Allen Wilson became Soke of the system. On January 16, 2018 The system was renamed in creator John H. Casarez's honor to Casarez Manabi-Masaho Ju-Jitsu. "The Working Way" 

Grandmaster Murdock's adaptation of Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu adds even more Ninjutsu along with Eskrima, Kali and techniques from JKD, Krav Maga and Russian Martial Arts for real life self protection. It's a street wise martial art that is effective for defending yourself and others from real attacks from real attackers, including multiple attackers and attackers with weapons.
In addition to our Martial Arts training, students learn valuable life lessons like how to be honest and respectful to others while having integrity and honoring those who give them knowledge. 

With the increasing number of shootings in the country we now teach how to react to an active shooter and how to use offensive firearms tactical techniques to defend against an active shooter. Our Martial Art is a great supplement to "Conceal Carry" for the normal person without any hand to hand tactical experience. 


Learn from a true expert in the field! Grandmaster Murdock has over 35 years of experience in in the original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu and now Soke of the original Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu now known as Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu system. GM Murdock also has nearly 31 years experience in several other martial art styles. Grandmaster Murdock is a 9th degree black belt and one of the highest ranking black belts in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Grandmaster Murdock is a member of four Martial Art Halls of Fame and a Grandmaster member of the elite World Head of Family Sokeship Council.

Casarez-Ryu Ju-Jitsu is recognized internationally through the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, WHFSC, WASCA and USIMAA.

We also teach two children's martial arts style's called Kobushi-Do "The Little Warrior Way" (Jr. Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu) and Little Ninja for pre-schooler's. Please visit the specific page for each
Currently I teach 100% of all classes at the dojo. At my dojo you get a high ranking 9th degree black belt teaching all the classes.
Thank you, Grandmaster Mark Murdock

Grandmaster Murdock is a retired 33 year veteran paramedic and has lots of medical knowledge and experience with both pediatric and adult anatomy & physiology. He knows how the body moves and functions and uses that to his advantage to properly train his students. He's also there in case of an injury or an emergency in the dojo. 

Learn Multiple Styles of Martial Arts

We teach a highly effective blend of martial arts that comprises of several martial art styles and various martial arts techniques. 

Expert Level Experience Teaching Self Defense

Experienced, internationally certified and highly qualified Head Instructor with several years of experience. 

Students Learn Very Effective Martial Arts and Life Lessons, which include:

Reality self defense, multiple martial arts styles, how to be a better person, how to control anger, how to succeed in life, how to build self esteem, how to build self confidence, know how to be kind and respectful to others, be willing to help those in need and many, many other great qualities.


What does it cost?

The cost is less than what you would pay for cable TV, a cell phone plan or a payment on a computer or tablet.

How does the value of martial arts training stand up to 
your average personal entertainment bills or other extracurricular activities?

Average Cell Phone Bill $150.00 to $190.00 per month or more
Average Cable TV Bill $160.00 to $200.00 per month or more
Average fun expenses, video games, toys and tablets $250.00 per month or more

Just sit down and think what you get for each payment or service you pay for.

Do you get any real long term benefits from these payments or services?

Could any of these payments or services improve
 your quality of life or the life of your family or how you live?

Could any of those payments, devices or services save your life if you were suddenly being attacked in the parking lot or on the street?

What have you achieved long term after buying and playing a video game or making a payment on a computer or tablet?

What have you achieved watching TV all month? Did you get anything valuable and long term from either one of them? 

What is the real value of martial arts training?

It's good family time, you gain a lot of new friends, you become more confident in yourself, 
you learn how to defend yourself, you gain self esteem, self respect, self dicsipline,
physical fitness, a lot less stress and you learn how to set and achieve goals and then live your life.

With martial arts at the end of the month you aquire valuable skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life, or your family member or friends life.
With each coming month you learn more and more and get better and better. I you really try hard you can be the best of the best.

Take yourself into the future. You just worked very hard and earned your black belt.
Would you give up that black belt, knowledge and skills for $100,000.00 dollars and go back to having no knowledge, loose the friends you gained in class and then have
 no black belt? 

Now you know how valuable martial arts training is. 
Our program is well worth the price for what you get long term.


My Goal as the Head Instructor Is:

To effectively teach self defense, martial arts and moral training to our students so they will be highly effective in self defense and martial arts, while being a good person and a merciful warrior with heart. GM Murdock


At Southern School of Martial Arts you're getting a great value on instruction from a highly experienced Grandmaster, 9th Degree Black Belt with 35 years plus of experience. Grandmaster Murdock is the highest ranking black belt in the system and Soke of Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, now that Founder Grandmaster Casarez has retired. We also have a Soke in Ky, Master Allen Wilson.
With us you get much more than you pay for. We do have private classes available as well, please call for pricing.
 GM Murdock


A brief history of our dojo. 

Southern School of Martial Arts officially began in May, 1996 in Willow Spring, North Carolina and has been located in five different locations through out the local area in it's history. This was the first and only Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu dojo outside the Hombu Dojo of Grandmaster John Casarez in Ohio and the late Grandmaster "Bob" Robert Edwards in West Virginia.

Southern School of Martial Art is currently the only Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu Dojo in North Carolina.


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Other Areas of the Country where Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu is taught:

Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu is also taught in Olive Hill, KY. by Master Allen Wilson, which also is a Soke of the Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu system. He can be reached at 606-316-2198

Grandmaster Casarez will still be teaching privately and by appointment only during his retirement. Please call 740-867-8000 to contact him. The Hombu Dojo "Tri-City School of Martial Arts is now officially closed.


"Tri-City Martial Arts" Solitare Spoonamore's dojo is no longer recognized as a Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu school or a Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu school per Founder Casarez's wishes. Master Solitaire Spoonamore is no longer recognized as a member of our system, old or new, per Founder Casarez's wishes. 


The new updated name of the Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu system will be Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu. This will be the permanent name of the system. The new system name and logos and the original system name and logos of Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu are the property of Founder John H. Casarez, Soke Mark Murdock and Soke Allen Wilson per Founder John H. Casarez's wishes. These logos, the original logo and system name are not permitted to be used by any individuals or schools other than the Founder John H. Casarez, Soke Murdock, Soke Wilson or any person they authorize to use them. Only Founder John H. Casarez, Soke Mark Murdock and Allen Wilson are permitted to teach our system unless written permission has been given to the persons that intend to teach our system. Currently the only individual that has permission from the Soke is Sensei John Allen in Ohio.

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