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   Welcome To SSMA's Children's Kobushi-Do Homepage

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This page updated April 7, 2009. If you have an old page please go to the homepage and then click back on this page.

In the picture above, the current Kobushi-Do class.
First class is always free!

Little Girl Found Dead.

Parents, please get your children into a self defense class, whether it's ours or another school's. We teach real world self defense. No trohpies, no tounaments, you win your life.

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The Spring student recruitment drive is in full swing. New and current students can save big money on their monthly tuition. Please see the Schedule page for more information.

Kobushi-Do, The Little Warrior Way is a specialty children's mixed martial art. Kobushi-Do is made up from Ju-Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Judo and Karate, all blended into a natural flow of technique. Kobushi-Do is SSMA's children's Manabi-Masho. A mixed martial art is more effective than one single traditional martial art. Kobushi-Do is only taught in North Carolina at Southern School of Martial Arts. To enroll in this exclusive one'of'a kind children's martial art, please call 919-753-7964.

Kobushi-Do class: 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

How is Kobushi-Do different from Tae Kwon Do?
The basic aspects of Kobushi-Do focuses on mind and body conditioning, Ninjutsu falling and rolling skills, escapes, Karate punching and kicking, basic Judo throws and some Ninjutsu stances and katas.
The advanced aspects of Kobushi-Do focuses on Aikido wrist locks and arm bars, advanced Judo falling and rolls, intermediate and advanced Jujitsu throwing and Jujitsu ground techniques (also known as grappling). Students also learn weapon katas from Ninjutsu. Kobushi-Do students that are brown belt and above will also focus on advanced punching, advanced weapons disarms and close quarter punching, grappling and throwing techniques. Kobushi-Do is several martial arts styles specially blended together into a special children's mixed martial art. A blend of several martial arts stlyes greatly outweighs one single martial art style. Kobushi-Do goes beyond teaching just katas and a few basic self defense moves, Kobushi-Do teaches the student to deal with a real, unplanned attack, no kata 4 for attack 5. In a real life senerio it doesn't occur that way, it could occur in random and without warning. It's a proven fact that most abductions occur when a child is grabbed and pulled away or into a car. Our students learn how to use escapes to prevent this. Kobushi-Do students carry their knowledge with them wherever they go. We teach children how to stay alive when in a dangerous situation, not how to win a trohpie just so it can set at home and and collect dust.

Kobushi-Do black belts 13 or older, who are at least 5' and at least 100 lbs are eligible to also train in the adult Manabi-Masho Jujitsu class with written parental permission. Kobushi-Do students are permitted to test into the adult program at 15 years of age with written permission from their parents

Kobushi-Do "The Little Warrior Way" is Southern School of Martial Arts Children's Martial Art Program.
Kobushi-Do was created in October 2001 by Master/Shidoshi-Ho Mark Murdock, from the martial arts styles of Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Ninjutsu.
This program is specially designed just for children. The Kobushi-Do program teaches children how to defend themselves in a fun and entertaining enviroment.
Kobushi-Do students learn self defense and life lessons while gaining self confidence, self esteem and self respect.
In Kobushi-Do students learn how to respect their parents, teachers and elders.
During Kobushi-Do game time we have games that are based on balance, evaision and hand and eye corndination. These games are fun and a big hit with our Kobushi-Do students. Our game time is also great for a students physical fitness. Kobushi-Do is a Jr. Manabi-Masho system and Jr. Ninjutsu system. The Kobushi-Do black belt is a Jr. Black belt. The Kobushi-Do student is eligible to transfer into the adult programs at the age of 15. Kobushi-Do students must also test into the adult programs. We don't require the Kobushi-Do student to start all over again at white belt in either of the adult programs. They'll start at a slighty lower rank and progress up to the point of testing for an official adult Manabi-Masho black belt. Here's an example: A Kobushi-Do black belt would start at 3rd brown belt or black belt candidate in the adult program according to their skill level determined from their adult program test.

Tuition is $65.00 per month. Please see the SSMA schedule page for family discount information.
Private classes $65.00 per hour.

In the video's below, the first video is a recent Kobushi-Do class, the second video is Kobushi-Do assistant instructor Josh teaching a wrist lock and throw and in the third video Jake throwing Justin on a throw during a recent class. We have padded mats that make falling, tumbling and going to the ground easy and safe. Kobushi-Do students also learn a falling technique that will reduce the force of the fall. Learning falling and rolling techniques may also prevent injuries from occuring when outside the dojo when accidently falling on an icy or wet surface.

In this video another fun activity of game time. This activity teaches the student how to keep their hands up and deal with punches in a very fun way. We use very soft boxing gloves to avoid injury. This is a favorite at game time.

In the picture, Sebastain and Isaiah being assisted by Josh.

Kamdyn applying a ground defense on Kendall.

A recent Kobushi-Do class.

Sebastian and Jacob.

Shuriken practice during a past outdoor Kobushi-Do class.

A recent Kobushi-Do class.

Shihan Murdock teaching a wrist lock technique.

Jacob and Michael working on a ground defense.

A ground attack senerio during a recent Kobushi-Do class.

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