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Ninjutsu in North Carolina, near Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Clayton, Angier, Smithfield and Benson



In the videos above our Ninjutsu students learning a basic wrist twist and throw techniques and basic sword techniques. Ninjutsu is a fun art to learn, Why not give it a try? The first class is free!

Ninjutsu is the martial art of the historical Ninja. This art combines several types of weapon techniques, including exotic weapons, actual hand to hand combat, joint locks, throwing techniques and various survival and stealth techniques. This is a fun art to learn.



Rivers Edge Bujinkan Dojo shares the same building as Southern School of Martial Arts located at (McGee's Crossroads) 27 Annette Dr. Suite 101, Benson, NC. location.

Rivers Edge Bujinkan Dojo was founded in 2000 by Shidoshi-Ho Murdock. Shidoshi-Ho began to train in Ninjutsu in 1996 under Shihan Richard Van Donk. He also trained at the Stephen Hayes's Chapel Hill Quest Center for three years. Shidoshi-Ho Murdock received his Shodan while attending and training during the 2000 Tai-Kai in Atlanta, GA. and received his latest rank of Yondan 4th Degree Black Belt in 2006 from Shihan Ed Martin. Shidoshi-Ho Murdock is currently a Yondan 4th Degree Black Belt and a 5th degree Godan Shidoshi candidate. Shidoshi-Ho Murdock Has been affiliated with Shihan Richard Van Donk through out his training and was briefly affiliated with Shihan Ed Martin (2005 through 2007) He's trained with many other Shihan and Shidoshi, including seminars with Shidoshi Stephen Hayes, Shihan Bud Malmstrom and at the 2000 Atlanta Tai Kai with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Shihan Jack Hoban and many others.

Shidoshi-Ho Murdock is affiliated with Shihan Van Donk. All students have the ability to get official ranking from Japan.

Shidoshi-Ho Murdock has completed the Shidoshi teachers course through IBDA and will be taking the Sakki test (5th Degree Black Belt test) some time in September or October, 2017.

Shidoshi-Ho "Shidoshi Candidate" Murdock teaches traditional Bujinkan Ninpo/Budo Taijutsu and at time blends a modern adaptation of Ninjutsu, these techniques are modified to deal with modern themes. 

Our traditional Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques come from all aspects of the 9 schools of the Bujinkan. I teach traditional techniques and variations I've learned from several Bujinkan Shihan that I've trained with over the last 20 years. This includes basic Kamae, Sanshin No Kata, Kihon Happo (the 8 basic techniques and katas), Nage, various waza's, stealth training, weapons including 6ft, 4ft, 3ft Bo Bokken, Sword, Shuriken, Kusari Fundo, Koketsu Shoge and much more. I also teach within the Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu dojo a modern variation of Ninjutsu, with techniques I've created on my own and what I've learned at Stephen Hayes's Chapel Hill Quest Center "To-Shin-Do" and from many other Ninjutsu practitioners. I've taken these techniques and modified them for modern situations.

We also train outdoors (weather permitting) in addition to the dojo training. Ninjutsu is a fun, effective and a great martial art to train in.

Shidoshi-Ho, Shidoshi 5th degree black belt candidate Mark Murdock

Koketsu-Shoge wrapping/trapping techniques

Shihan Ed Martian and Shidoshi-Ho Murdock June 2006.

Shihan Richard Van Donk and Shidoshi-Ho Mark Murdock at the 2000 Tai-Kai after the Shodan test


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