Private Classes and Daytime Classes


Private Instruction and Daytime Classes

New Kickboxing and Cardio Fitness Class
Ages 13 and up

We'll be implementing a new Kickboxing and Cardio Fitness class, starting January 3, 2018 from 6:45pm to 7:45pm. This class will focus on the basic aspects of Kickboxing and developing cardio fitness. "This is a beginners class for people who have never tried kickboxing and want to learn it and get in shape". You don't have to be in good physical shape or be an expert athlete to take this class. This class will start at a slow pace and build throughout the next several months with increasing difficulty as the practitioners build cardiovascular endurance. We do welcome those that are in good shape and want an intense workout. I have a great intense workout that Don "The Dragon" Wilson taught me a while back, it's very intense and for only the folks that are in good shape.

This class could expand to other nights if we have interest in this class. We must have at least 4 participants signed up by December 22, 2017 in order to officially implement the class. To enroll please call 919-753-7964.


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