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Kobushi-Do Ju-Jitsu and Children's Ninjutsu is taught in a fun and entertaining environment. Children learn more effectively when the training is fun. Children will learn discipline too in addition to the fun activities.

Throughout the training sessions the student will learn self defense and life lessons (words of wisdom) while gaining self confidence, self discipline, self esteem, self respect and self empowerment, all while getting some great physical fitness. In both arts students learn how to respect their parents, teachers, elders and others.

The first part of the class is based on self defense techniques, physical and mental conditioning, goal setting and achieving and light sparring. The last 5 minutes of class is devoted to game time. In Kobushi-Do game time, we have games that are based on balance, evasion and hand and eye coordination. These games are fun and a big hit with our Kobushi-Do students. Our game time is also great for a student's physical fitness.


Kobushi-Do was created in October 2001 by Grandmaster Mark Murdock, from the martial arts styles of Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Ninjutsu. Children's Ninjutsu was created in 2011 as Kid Ninja and now fully intergrated with the Kobushi-Do Ju-Jitsu class.


This program is specially designed just for children ages 7 through 13. Both martial art styles will teach children how to defend themselves in dangerous situations, how to recognize a predator, how to defend against a bully and how to defend and escape from an adult attacker. 

Both Kobushi-Do Ju-Jitsu and Children's Ninjutsu students also learn how to react to an active shooter and learn what to do and where to go in that situation. We have special classes for active shooter defense two to four times a year that children can enroll in with a parents permission.


The Kobushi-Do black belt and the Children's Ninjutsu black belt are both children's Jr. black belts. The Kobushi-Do student and the Children Ninjutsu student is eligible to transfer into the adult program at 14. Kobushi-Do students must test into the adult program to gain an adult rank. 

We don't require the Kobushi-Do or Children's Ninjutsu student to start all over again at white belt in the adult program. They'll start at a lower rank (Grandmaster Murdock will decide where student will start after their test, this is based on the student's behavior and skill level). The student will progress up to the point of testing for an official adult Casarez Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu or Ninjutsu black belt and beyond.

Kobushi-Do Ju-Jitsu is only taught in North Carolina at Southern School of Martial Arts Dojo in McGee's Crossroads. Children's Ninjutsu is the traditional art of Ninjutsu and may be taught elsewhere in a different format to ours. To enroll in this exclusive "one of a kind blend of martial arts" for children, please call 919-753-7964 or email or stop by our school at 27 Annette, Suite 101, Dr. Benson, NC. 27504.



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