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Kid Ninja class, children ages 7 to 12. this class is currently combined with the Kobushi-Do class

We may add a separate class in September, please call for more information. 

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Kid Ninja is a children's Ninjutsu program. Ninjutsu is the historical martial art of the real Ninja and has a totally different intent than what is shown in Hollywood and on TV. Hollywood and TV has made the name "Ninja" very commercial and many times very negative. The real Ninjutsu is different, it's positive and teaches positive life changing lessons. 


Our Kid Ninja program is based on the real art of Ninjutsu, however it's been modified just for children and certain techniques and weapons have been omitted for the safety of the training.


Kid Ninja, Children's Ninjutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that teaches self improvement, self empowerment and self discipline. It also helps improve self confidence, self esteem and mental focus. This is also taught in the Kobushi-Do part of class.




More Information about Kid Ninja

Kid Ninja uses postures and katas based on the five elements, The student will learn Kihon happo (the eight fundamental techniques) joint locks, strikes and throws. The student will learn to move and evade in many different angles. They will learn how to use the 3ft. 4ft, and 6ft bo staff, wooden and padded swords, rope and string techniques, rubber shruriken (throwing stars) and many other types of fun weapons. There's rolling and tumbling, striking and throwing techniques. This is a fun martial art to learn and it's great exercise too.


Two to four times a year we have outdoor classes that are taught outside of the dojo. The student will get the chance to throw a real shuriken at a wood target and use a few other real weapons under the Sensei's guidance. We also have hot dog and marshmallow roast at the end of the training which is a big hit with the children.


All grading come from Japan and the student receives a Japanese certificate from Japan written in all Japanese kanji. The certificates are beautiful. 

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