What Does It Cost?


Please call or stop in at the Dojo for information on all our training and black belt packages.

Summer Special, One Free Week and First month only $49.95! 

The Value of Gaining Knowledge and Skill is Priceless

The cost is much less than what you would pay for cable TV, a cell phone plan or a payment on a computer or tablet. 

How does the value of martial arts training stand up to 
your average personal entertainment bills or other extracurricular activities? 

Average Cell Phone Bill $150.00 to $190.00 per month or more
Average Cable TV Bill $160.00 to $200.00 per month or more
Average fun expenses, video games, toys and tablets $250.00 per month or more

Just sit down and think what you get for each payment or service you pay for.

Do you get any real long term benefits from these payments or services?

Could any of these payments or services improve
 your quality of life or the life of your family or how you live?

Could any of those payments, devices or services save your life if you were suddenly being attacked in the parking lot or on the street?

What will remain in 5 or 10 years after paying for those services and devices? Probally outdated devices and and a richer cable company or cell phone carrier.

What have you achieved long term after buying and playing a video game or making a payment on a computer or tablet? 

What have you achieved watching TV all month? Did you get anything valuable and long term from either one of them? 


What is the real value of martial arts training?

It's good family time, you gain a lot of new friends, you become more confident in yourself and your skills, you learn how to effectively defend yourself, you gain self esteem, self respect, self dicsipline,
physical fitness, a lot less stress and you learn how to set and achieve goals and then live your life.

You obtain knowledge, great martial art skill, even more life long friends along the way and other great health benefits long term.

With martial arts training at the end of the month you aquire valuable skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life, or your family member or friends life.
With each coming month you learn more and more and get better and better. If you really try hard you can be the best of the best.

Take yourself into the future. You just worked very hard and earned your black belt.
Would you give up that black belt, knowledge and skills for $100,000.00 dollars and go back to having no knowledge, loose the friends you gained in class and then have
 no black belt?

Every black belt I've talked to wouldn't give it up for a million dollars.

Now you know how valuable martial arts training is. 
Our program is well worth the price for what you get short term and long term.

Please come in for a free class and schedule a discounted one month trial.

At our school you get the best of the best.

Grand Master Murdock


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