Children's Kobushi-Do, Jr. Manabi Masho Ju-Jitsu 

Children's Self Defense in North Carolina, near Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Clayton, Angier, Smithfield and Benson


In the videos above, a typical beginners children's Kobushi-Do class with our students learning how to deal with grabs and punches. We also have a video of our basic/intermediate ranks defending against multiple attacks and at the bottom of the page we have a short video of one of our games at game time. We're now accepting new students. Why not let your child give it a try. Even in the free first class your child could learn a technique that could someday save their life. The first class is always free, and there's no obligation or high pressure sales to join. We offer month to month tuition without a contract or you can save money with a voluntary 3, 6 or 12 month agreement.

 Children's Kobushi-Do, "The Little Warrior Way"


Kobushi-Do is a specialty martial art just for children ages 7 through 12. Kobushi-Do is a blended martial art made up from a base of Ju-Jitsu with techniques from Ninjutsu, Aikido, Judo and Karate blended into to it to create a natural flow of technique. A blended martial art system is more effective than a single traditional martial art. 


Kobushi-Do "The Little Warrior Way" is Southern School of Martial Art's Children's Martial Art Program, also known as Jr. Manabi-Masho Ju-Jitsu.


Small children are separated from the older children. We use one half the mat for small children and the other half for older children. We also have a black belt Jr. Leader that assists Grandmaster Murdock during classes. Children ages 13 through 17 will be in the separate teen class.


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